White Westinghouse 
White Westinghouse  

We at Kridovia Appliances LLP are proud to have been associated with USA’s leading home appliance brand White Westinghouse in India, a home appliance brand whose legacy dates back to 1917, when Copeman Electric Stove Company was acquired by Westinghouse Electric Corporation in America.

Later in the year 1975, the brand came to be known as White Westinghouse as Westinghouse Electric Corporation’s appliance unit was bought by White Consolidated Industries.

White Westinghouse has been a pioneer in the home appliance industry and has many useful contributions towards evolution of appliances. Among many of them, some are as follows:

  • In 1930s – refrigerators with sealed refrigeration units, room air conditioners, portable dishwasher
  • In 1339 – the first front load type washing machine in America
  • In 1950 – Automatic “Frost Free” system in freezers and refrigerators
  • In 1963 – Introduction of compact air conditioner
  • In 2001 – Launch of AdvanceTech Line of refrigerators

White Westinghouse in India is making its presence felt in the home appliance domain with products known for their durability, energy-efficiency and low maintenance. High quality materials and advanced technology used in manufacturing ensure superior functionality and longevity of the appliances. The brand is loved by consumers all across the globe, and is present in continents like Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and Middle East, besides North and South America. The company celebrates its 100th Anniversary in the year 2017.